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Welcome to Creeping Darkness, Creeping Darkness is meant to be a Horror based campaign set in the Forgotten Realms. However, the System will be Pathfinder. Dnd 3.5 stuff will be welcome on a case to case bases. It will be adjusted if I feel it is necessary, for Pathfinder. So feel free to ask me about 3.5 stuff, chance are I will be cool with it. There are too many 3.5 books I really enjoyed to give up on 3.5 all together. The skills are just easier in Pathfinder.

Still with me ?


This game will be set in The Bloodstone Lands, I will be using the Horror, Madness and Sanity rules from Pathfinder. Rolls will likely be random and rare, since to much rolling subtracts from the scene. This game will start out small and build up bigger. Character will have the chance to go possibly Epic and Mythic depending on the choices they make.

Experience Path: Fast
Stats: 38 pts to purchase your stats
Alignment: Any Good.
Restrictions: No Gunslinger/ No Summoners
Suggestions: Occult Adventure Classes/ Wizards/ Rangers/ Clerics
Races: No Half Orc or Half-Ogres as these are in general killed on sight. Though I will work with you on races if you wish to play something interesting. If you are interested in a template I am happy to again work with you.
Hitpoints: Roll or 1/2 your Hit Point Dice.
Level: 2nd
Gold: 3000

Important to Read

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